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Bible based replies to tough situations in the aviation industry


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Dear Visitor,   

The Healing and Redemptive power of the Lord Jesus are not only for people with "normal" lives outside the aviation industry who can regularly attend church, etc.


As aviation participant you might experience a sense of disconnection and alienation. This is perhaps more typical than you might think. Remember, God has never given up on you!

Cecile and I have been associated with aviation for quite a while. We realize people in the industry are subject to a myriad of influences and pressures found nowhere else. Aviation people cannot 'come clean' with problems for fear of repercussions.

We hope this forum may help you realize the Holy Spirit can fill the void. We do not presume to have all the answers, but know that God cares about YOU specifically more deeply than you might think.

Johan Lottering - Editor




 Christians in Aviation  

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Air safety book -  'Avoiding Fatal Flying Traps'   

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