Christian Aviation Network

Guiding Aviators and Aircrews through life's storms

Our Mission

To create a database of sensible solutions to contemporary problems with which individual aircrew members or aviation participants may identify.   

  • You, or someone you care about perhaps cannot break out of a difficult situation or relationship; perhaps an affair. Or, you may be affected as 'innocent party'.
  • A child or loved one at home, a friend or even you, may be using drugs.
  • You may be feeling sidelined, alienated, distressed, depressed or victimized by superiors, fellow crew or peers. 
  • You, or someone you know, may be placing others at risk. Reaching out and asking help would be ‘game over’ and the end of a relationship or career.
  • You, or someone you care for, may be about to make a seriously wrong choice or decision. 
  • Our mission is to help you or someone near and dear find a way out of problem situations or crises along Biblical principles and guidelines.

 Our Vision 

  •  Aircrew members are invariably affected by occupation-specific influences and pressures rendering them vulnerable, especially when physically displaced from loved ones, support structures and networks provided by friends and families.
  • In the dark hours of the morning, maybe due to time zones, one cannot always communicate. Our vision is to facilitate you, to affirm that Jesus Christ cares… and you can reach out to Him.

 How It Works 

  • We prayerfully consider each situation, crisis or predicament directed to us by mail. We formulate a reply which will be published on the website, so you and anyone ensnared in a similar situation may benefit. If necessary, we will consult relevant Christian experts. Unfortunately, we cannot enter into personal correspondence. We will never identify you, your airline, company, employer, peers, superiors or anyone affected. We actually prefer anonymity.        


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